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This was especially designed for the too-busy conscientious people to help them in their journey to a healthier and more compassionate lifestyle.

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The Go-To Guide

to help busy people in their pursuit of a more

Compassionate, Healthy Lifestyle

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For a long time, you’ve wanted to lead a more compassionate lifestyle, one that helps abused animals, the environment and your health.

But you’ve been too busy with life’s responsibilities. 

There are many easy ways to achieve a more compassionate lifestyle. Doing just a little is already a big success.

I created the Go-To Guide that identifies 8 easy ways you can pursue your goals without it being a burden.

All in One Place

✓ understand the issues that lead people towards a more compassionate lifestyle,

✓ learn how animal welfare is not just a food issue,

✓ understand the impact to animals without having to see horrifying pictures.

✓ learn about health & environmental impact,

✓ get jaw-dropping statistics,

✓ understand the health benefits of the foods you choose,

✓ understand more about cruelty-free products,

✓ have a checklist and shopping list by nutrition (you won’t find this anywhere else),

✓ finding safe petitions sites,

✓ follow the experts and influencers on social media,

✓ easily contact government officials to express your opinions,

✓ learn about congressional bills being pursued and how your state is doing with animal welfare,

✓ know about rescue organizations and success stories.

and more…


With such a guide you will find it easier to achieve your goal of a more compassionate lifestyle, one that is helpings animals, your health and the environment.

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“The Compendium of Compassion:

8 Easy Ways to Creating a Healthier and Kinder Lifestyle”.

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In addition to the guide, I include several bonuses.

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If you’re contemplating moving forward on your journey to a lifestyle that will align with your feelings of love, compassion, and respect for all living beings, then ‘The Compendium of Compassion: 8 Easy Ways To Creating a Healthier and Kinder Lifestyle’ will be the ideal all-in-one resource to help get you get started on your new journey.

This comprehensive guide has compiled helpful information and practical advice from numerous, highly respected sources that will make adopting a compassionate lifestyle easier than ever.

I applaud Dahlia for this fantastic idea and I will be recommending it to all of my future mentees.

Thank you, Dahlia!!!

Juliana Merz


Thank you for your interest and for caring about animals.